United Nurseries

United Nurseries

United Nurseries is a cooperation of highly specialized growers with an ever-widening assortment. Each nursery specializes in unique varieties to ensure the best possible care and quality. Lotta Plants aims to offer a broad of rare species and cultivars, which are difficult to find in regular garden centres, directly to you via our web shop: 'LottaPlants.eu'.

Our products are delivered from our nurseries directly to your doorstep, without any intervention by wholesale companies or garden centres. Ensuring the best care of our assortment until the moment the shipment is sent.

We are always in search for new products and specialized nurseries. To stay informed of our flourishing collection, check our website regularly, subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

Below you will find our partipating nurseries.


If you have any questions about our products, delivery or ordering, please contact us.

Participating Nurseries

Dick van der Maat

Dick van der Maat - Japanese Maple Nursery

  • Products: Acer
  • Owner: Dick van der Maat
Kwekerij Deen

Kwekerij Deen

  • Products: Camellia
  • Owner: Edwin Deen

Marco de Wit Boomkwekerij

Marco de Wit Boomkwekerij

  • Products: Clematis
  • Owner: Marco de Wit
G.J. Straver

G.J. Straver

  • Products: Abies, Cedrus, Ginkgo, Picea & Pinus
  • Owner: Ge Straver
No website
Bremmer Boomkwekerijen

Bremmer Boomkwekerijen

  • Products: Conifers assortment
  • Owner: Fam. Bremmer
Van Ooi
Cornus & Magnolia

Boomkwekerij W.J. van Ooi

  • Products: Cornus & Magnolia
  • Owner: Wil van Ooi