Camellia japonica 'Blood of China'

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Container size (Litre) 4
Plant delivery height (cm) 35 - 40
Flower color Vivid salmon red
Flower form Peony - rose
Hardiness zone 8
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Supplier Kwekerij Deen
Delivery time (days) 2 - 5
Shipping weight (Kg) 4.5000
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Blood of China (C.japonica) Rubel, 1938, Brochure, Camellia Blood of China: Large size, vivid salmon red flowers. Flowers 10-12 cm across, comprised of many petals, irregularly placed, twisted and curled, of a loose peony rose form. They are a deep, but brilliant, salmon red with reticulated darker veins, occasionally a few petals in the centre are slightly splashed white. When fully open, a short bunch of golden stamens adds to the colour harmony. Mid-season to late flowering. The bush forms a globular type specimen. Colour photo, Macoboy, 1981, Dictionary of Camellias in Colour, p.190 and on p.309, Hume, 1946, Camellias in America as 'Victor Emanuel'. This Camellia, originated from an unknown variety in the Stoutz garden, Mobile, Alabama, USA, was purchased by Henry Stoutz in 1905 from the "Industrial Gardeners' Boy's Home". In 1931 Rubel propagated from it at his Longview Nursery, Alabama. Some plants were sold in 1934 as 'Lot No.17' an unknown variety. In the meantime Bellingrath Gardens bought the original plant where it became verbally known as 'Victor Emmanuel' from a fancied resemblance to Vittorio Emanuele II. Kiyono Nursery obtained propagating material from Bellingrath Gardens and erroneously listed it as 'Victor Emmanuel' in their 1938-1939 Catalogue. As 'Victor Emmanuel' is a valid synonym for the old Italian variety Vittorio Emanuele II published in the Agrario Botanico, 1861-1862, it must be rejected as a synonym of Blood of China. Synonym: 'Alice Slack'. Sport: Blood of China Variegated. Chinese synonym: 'Cixuehong'.
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